Joshua - Good Website

this is a good website

Melanie - Analese- good

a bit long but it was great overall

willie - Sammy

This course really gave me all the time I need and it was like open book.I a very busy kid with baseball,basketball football and early morning workouts and after schoolworkouts almost burnout.Thanks PTDE for making it simplified.

Briana - Briana- convenient

I was able to complete the class at my own pace and it was very straight forward.

Meagan - Very convenient

It's really nice being able to complete everything online, while keeping it entertaining.

Andrea - great way to learn about driving

This course was a bit long but it was worth it, it has teached me all abut driving even on how to be prepared to drive and how to choose your next car.

Gilbert - Very good!

I really enjoyed taking the online course! It was much better to manage my time and workload. I have an extremely busy schedule so this worked out perfectly! Thank You!!

Mary - Emily-Great Instructions

This course was easy to understand and complete.

Elias - National Highway Safety Administration Review

This was a great driving course. Very informative and easy to do at your own leisure. I would highly recommend this course for anyone seeking drivers ed.

tatianna - I love it

The course was very helpful and fast

Fabian - The best course

This course was fast and easy to understand, I recommend it.

Beatrice - Very good for those wanting to get the licence

I was very satisfied with the in-depth knowledge put into this course 10/10!

Michael - Nice Course

Not too long or expensive, and I felt like I learned a lot from the course. Would recommend!

DeeAnn - Review

Overall the entire course was very monogamous. It provided useful information but save for certain bits had no flair and did very little to actually engage the student. I was more surprised when there was not a "pop quiz" after a page of reading. However this course is very useful and I would reccomend it to others

Noah - Quite good, exceeded my expectations

My presumptive nature warned me of a long, strenuous, and boring course filled with dry, uninspiring content. To my amazement, this educational course has equipped me with a broader and more complete understanding of the function of the road. While informing me the risks and hazards of driving through the extensive showcasing of statistics and anecdotal narratives, the course sought to benefit me by emphasizing simple tactics that will help me to remain a safe driver. It invokes a sense of caution, but optimism that will make me (and hopefully you) more confident as I continue my experience as a new driver. One aspect that I did not enjoy about this course was the number of statistics included. In my opinion, it should not take so many charts to convince someone of the risks associated when driving under certain circumstances as it did in some of the modules. However, I still understand that it depends on the personality of someone reviewing the information, as some may seem more nonchalant than others. In all, the course was better than I expected. It doesn't take too long, and the information is well-organized. Some parts are less intriguing than others, but that is expected. It isn't perfect, but it gets the job done: preparing you for the future.

Tamisha - Great

Taught me many things about driving

Sheila - driver ed

pretty good

Kaleb - The course taught me a lot

I loved this course it taught  me a lot

Zainab - Zainab - not bad

it was pretty time-consuming but I finally got it over with!!!

Mark - Drivers Ed + Permit Test

I'm ready+

Cadence - Good!

Although it took me a little less than a year to complete the course because I was so busy, I was still able to complete it and get my drivers license in time for our trip to go to my uncle's wedding.

Leisl - Great

Super easy to lean and doesn’t restrict those who are fast traders and lose interest when they can’t go at their own pace!!

John - NHSA Drivers Ed Review

Not stressful. Not too expensive. Highly recommend

Emerie - drivers ed

not too hard

Vanessa - Lily's driver ed

it was great

Susan - Informational and not too difficult.

A good, cheap way to allow kids to get ready for their license test!

Edward - TX parent taught drivers ED + permit Test

It was a very helpful corse

Gracie - Driver's ED

Easy to understand and family friendly.

Justin - It was great

I enjoyed it

Sanjay - Jayden - Drivers Ed course

Comprehensive and easy to follow program.

Avery - Great!

Super easy to navigate and complete, I enjoyed this course.

Juli - Kaden - Drivers Ed.

This was a very good course.. highly would recommend

A'myria - Parent Drivers Ed/ Permit Test

Easy and not really that time consuming.

Jamie - Drivers Ed/ Permit Test

The course was very easy. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Nicole - Nicole- Drivers Ed

The course was very easy, helpful,a lot of information that helped me retain my knowledge.


very good! fast and easy.

Dayna - Drivers Ed

Good course

Latasha - This was super easy

No need to procrastinate because you can complete this less than three days if you want.

Patricia - Texas Driver Education

It took a long time for me to complete but was good and had important information for me to know.

Keanu - Great Course

This was an excellent course and provided great information.

Sofia - Drivers Ed

I have never taken this course before, but it has helped me a lot, and i appreciate this...

Leslie - drivers ed

this course was very helpful in learning of driving

Jad - Jad -Drivers Ed

Great information, very beneficial.

James - Drivers ed

This course was a very beneficial way of underlying the basics and importance of driving. There are really bad drivers out there and I believe this course could change that.

haley - Lots of good information

I like that this program lets you work at your own pace.

Kaylee - Drivers Ed

This course was a good way to learn the basics of driving. It helps you understand everything you need to know about driving and being safe.

Christa - Good Experience

I actually love this course. after the past year of having this class i have grown an emotional attachment. i will miss having this course on the back of my mind 24/7. thank you guys for everything <3

Mark - TX Parent Taught Drivers Ed + Permit Test

Fast and easy!! :)

Amanda - Fast and easy

Good course 👍🏼

Amber - very informative

liked it a lot went into great detail learned a lot

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