Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Reagan - Easy and Quick!

I have used National Highway Safety for my Adult Drivers ED and now I am using them again for Defensive Driving! I love thier courses becasue they are informational, easy, and meet all requirements I need. I also like that the courses are at my own pace. Would always recommend and countinue to use them!

Arthur - TX Defensive Driving Course

A well done course that is much more effective & educational than reviewing laws.

Brooklynn - Great Coarse

Great refresher and very informative! Very easy to keep up with and understand.



Lucille - Great Course

Glad I chose this course. Well laid out. Easy to use. Very informative. Learned a great deal.

Brian - Very informative

There was a lot of information and examples that will definitely help me make better decisions in driving situations.

Joseph - Joseph - Defensive Driving

This was easier to digest and answer questions than another version of the DD. Thank you for helping me with this!

Benito - TX Defensice Driving Course

Very simple and straightforward. Learned a few things I had forgot about.

Rickey - Defensive Driving Course

Great videos and extremely well done

Keadrin - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

simple and straight forward.

Mirna - defensive driving course

great videos

Eric - Stress Free

The course was easy to use and very informative.

Bradley - Great Course

It was very easy to use and quick!

Uzma - Defensive driving course

Excellent course.
Great refresher.

Rachel - Thank you!

Simple, straightforward, and informative. Thanks!

Kellyn - Defensive Driving Course

Easy to follow, clear and straight foward.

Ismael - Defensive Driving Course

Great job on context and videos.

David - Great Course

Very well done course easy to follow very informative.

Walter - Texas Defensive Driving

Great for people who want to learn more about how to be a better and safer driver.

William - Defensive Driving

The class was very user friendly and not too hard to pass. But it was very informative.

Richard - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Easy to use and navigate. Not incredibly dry. Provides content with value and applicability.

LOIS - State of Texas Driving Safety Course

Good Content

Linnea - Defensive Driving

Good information, good content.

Patricio - Good Refresher

This course provided content that was easy to understand.

Emma - Good course with good features

The course was easy to use, and very thorough for its instructions. The videos were meaningful but a little outdated. I enjoyed it, despite the sad parts, I learned a lot, it's better than cheaper programs and I didn't have to pay extra to get my certificate the same day, which was nice.

Ana - Review of Defensive Driving Course

This course was well developed and allowed for sufficient time to do checks for understanding and reflect on current driving practices.

jeffrey - Very well produced

As interesting as it could be...videos, history, writing

Cristian - Defensive Driving Course

Learned a good amount of Info.

Aquita - Very Good Class

The class covered a lot of information.

Laura L - Defensive Driving Course

Great course.
Good information.

Jose - Great course

Was very easy to use and was engaging.

Quintilus - Defensive Driving Course

It was easy & fast to complete.



Taylor - A good reminder

I found the course to be a good refresher on driving. Entertaining and informative videos.

Dorothea - State of Texas Driving Safety Course

Very helpful & informative

ANN - good

the computer voice is good on most text, but is stilted on others. For example, it read out the colon in a few places.

Jason - Defensive Driving Course Online

This was a much needed class. I was very skeptical about taking it but found it to be Extremely needful. I will make better decisions daily to the Best of my ability. I recommend all U.S. Citizens take this course in spite of receiving a citation or not.

Debra - Tx Defensive Driving Course Online

Excellent refresher course.

sabrina - Efficient and engaging

The course was easy to navigate, easy to read, and kept attention through the use of engaging and meaningful videos.

Brian - Defensive Driving

Excellent format. Very informative on driver safety!

Rhonda - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Last half of the course is much better than the first half.  Need to update videos to make more current.
Otherwise it is a good course, easy to understand and stop/resume.

Fabian - Good course

Good course to take and learn and review

Alfi - Amazing

This was so informative  and helpful. I am confident I'll be an even better driver now by being even safer.

Marjorie - Effective Learning Experience

I've been driving for over forty years.  This course was an excellent refresher on safe and defensive driving.  One effective take away for me was to give the right of way.

Donna - excellent format

the course was easy to navigate; easy to stop and start back up where left off; easy to read and very informative

Austin - Defensive Driving

Quick and easy and helped touch up on driving safety

Jose - Well thought out class format

Good class format.  Being able to leave and return to the point you left off is great.  Also, having access to the class via desktop and mobile is asesome.

Maria - Great Course

Easy to follow, audio and guiding questions that help you answer the final test.

Austin - Defensive Driving

Good course

CALVIN - Calvin-Defense Driving Course Online

Very helpful and great information. I enjoyed it. Every driver should be informed every now and then. It is a check yourself course for sure. Thanks

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