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Pamela - California Drivers Ed

I really enjoyed this course, it was extremely convenient and I found myself motivated by the videos and constant pop quizzes. The quizzes helped to reaffirm everything I learned, and were absolutely the most crucial part of the course for me. I would recommend more up to date videos and statistics, but the provided the basic knowledge needed. I feel prepared to take the permit test and I genuinely feel like I'll do amazing!

Sofia - Honest Review

I kind of liked this. Though it did take me a WHILE I finished it. It is kind of set to early 2010s though, but it still covers what's necessary. The videos displayed are kind of "retro" as well but they're kind of cute and make a point in each. There is a lot of repetition in this but it's necessary, so it can get locked in your head. But overall it was good and I learned. So 10/10 recommend

Brady - Brady - Good

NHSA helped me in the right direction, taking me a step further in my driving knowledge, and a step further in getting my license.

Riley - Great


Mathew - Great

It’s was very straight forward


This course helped so much with getting my permit! Very helpful information and simple format.

Jazelle - Thorough

Was long but detailed and informative, learned a bunch

Fernando - good

A very good course helped me learn new information and hopefully help me pass the test.

Simone - Very good

Was very good and straight forward

Peter - Great

Very easy to understand and has a lot of information

Jake - Course Review

it was very long but helpful

Michael - Michael - Helpful

Very helpful and easy.

Wincent - Pretty good

NHSA did a good job of explaining everything in great detail.

Christopher - CHRIS


Chase - Helpful

Awesome program

Amir - Cool

It was easy

Tiara - Helpful

I learned a lot and I am now ready to take my permit test!

Osamah - This is good

It was super good

Heather - Drivers Ed Course

The course was easy to read and understand, the reading was sectioned so that it was easy to pay attention.

Anabella - Great Course

Very good course. Had text, pictures, and videos for all learners and was very informational.

Jasmine - Pretty great.

Was very helpful and taught me things I didn't know before.

Seth - Helpful

Learned a lot of new things about driving laws and also some helpful tips.

Emily - Good

It was super good

Will - Helpful

Taught me a lot of things about driving laws, but also taught me many other helpful things!

Emma - review

learned a lot about driving safety, helped a lot.

Alexis - Best Drivers Ed Course Out There

I definitely recommend! It was self paced and presented in a way that was clear and easy to understand.

Tod - Matok- Good Course

Great Course very informal and helpful

adriana - very educational

lets you learn on your own time and very easy to complete.

Gerard - Great Course

I loved how it spoke out loud and was very easy to understand. It said 30 hours and it took me only a week to finish, I loved it and would recommend.

Brennan - Drivers Ed

This course was excellent, it was explained in a way that everyone can understand and all the information given was easily picked up on when reading the text.

Alexander - Drivers Ed course

It was very insightful and the website works well.

Brandon - Pretty good at preparing for learners permit

this online course was a good way for me to learn about the importance of many things when it came to the privilege's of having the ability to drive

Julie - Good

Quick and informative

DAN STEVEN - Very helpful

Easy to navigate and understand.

NEO - Great Info

Highly Recommended!

Mia - My review

easy, you could do it on your own time.

Anish - Great product

I liked how it could load on multiple devices; engaging videos and loaded with useful tips.

Kimberly - Helpful

Honestly I was scared of drivers ed and what it would entail, but this was really informative and helpful, it really nurtures and encourages you to be the best driver you can be.

Logan - Great course!

It taught me the essentials of driving and helped me prepare myself to drive in the best and most efficient way possible!

Roberto - GREAT

it was very fun and exciting but very anxious too. I learned a lot and really am looking forward to getting my permit :)

Celeste - simple course

got through it quick

Brendan - Overall good

Really good and easily understandable

Julia - Drivers ED

Very great course! i have nothing negative to say about it

Diana - Drivers Ed

Great! Never felt rushed to finish and easy to keep track of progress.

Dasha - Drivers Ed

Questions after each topic are helpful and make it easier to remember

Landon - Amazing

Really information filled and has a review portion after each set of questions

Marqus - very educational

very informing and sort of fun

Alyson - Fantastic

Learned a lot

Dylan - Good

Well organized and was easy to learn

Brayan - easy and on your time

its a easy course and you can do everything on your own time

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