Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

John - Excellent driving course

Though I have been driving on the Georgia roads for 36 years this course made me aware of things that I would use/incorporate in my daily driving.... thanks.

Ntela - Georgia Defensive Driving

Easy to follow along

Molly - Excellent Coursre

Learned a lot of new things

Jaylin - Worth Every Penny

It was the most easiest way to get my Defensive Driver Certificate. I Most likely Will be Using this product periodically every few years.

Marquez - Great Defensive Driving course

This course was great. It was extremely detailed but worth the study time. I learned a lot from this course, and I was able to complete it at my own pace within 3-4 hours while using the read along feature.

Benjamin - Very Easy and Effective

It did not take me long to complete the 6 hours. It was very informational and really helps with making sure you are a safe driver.

William - best course ive taken

this course was a very simple and easy course, Also very educational.

Scott - Well worth the time

Haven taken drivers education at age 16 (41 years ago) I learned a lot about some things that have changed and some things that remained the same. I took this for insurance cost reduction but found much more.  I recommend it to anyone regardless of your age, situation, or desire to be better prepared for what life throws at you.

Kalila - Organized and Easy

Better than the defensive driving class I’ve taken in the past. Easily managed and accessible!

Sharon - simple and simple

Very easy to understand.

Edward - Eddie point reduction

Very helpful product

Jose Antonio - Simple and Easy

This was a very simple and easy way to take a class, learn from the videos and take a test. Highly recommend this to everyone!

Lisa - Insurance Discount Course

Well presented and easy to complete for an insurance discount

William - William

Easy to understand

Arlinsen - Defensive Driving for Georgia

This class was very informative and a great way to earn your defensive driving certificate. Because it is taken online and at your leisure, you are able to complete the course and save your progress and also go back to recap any missed information. I think this is a great way for anyone to obtain the lessons given for anyone who is looking to earn this very important document.

Brandi - I actually learned something

I didn't know what to expect, but at almost 40 years old I came away with a renewed respect and responsibility for driving. I'm also glad that an online version of this course was readily available, and I could go at my own pace.

Avante - Review

Definitely learned new material I did not know.

Hillary - helpful information

I took the class for an insurance discount and I was happily surprised when I learned lots of new facts that pertained to my state.

Hemlata - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course. Very good detail and a good refresher for everyone. The read along feature is very helpful.

Ashley - Great Course

This Defensive Driving course was very informative, engaging, and helpful. The fact that it's online and affordable is also a HUGE plus. Would recommend!

Raheim - Raheim

I loved it!

Lauren - Defensive driving course

for sure worth it

Monica - Great Course

Touched upon some things that were great to reiterate.

Sonya - Great course

This was easy to understand. The questions after each portion helps you understand even more. Recommend to everyone I know.

Cassie - Good course

Very thorough and easy To understand

Lisa - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great course, very informative. I've been driving for 38 yrs now and actually learned some new tips from this course. Thank you

nicole - Defensive Driving Course

Being able to complete this course online was so much more convenient for me, everything was easy to understand, the website was easy to navigate, and I truly felt like I learned a lot.

Kasey - Easy to follow Along

It was easy to access, picks up right where you left off and the convenience of doing it anywhere!!!!

Reagan - Defensive Driving Course

This defensive driving course was much more time manageable than an in-person class. I still gained knowledge I did not have before on safe driving, and rules/regulations that I was not aware of before. Overall, I really enjoyed this course and I learned a lot.

Frank - Frank E / REVIEW

Refreshing to recover the defensive driving points ands highlights. Well laid out site and app.



Annette - Annette - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

I took this course 3 years ago at a facility but doing it online at my own pace was better.  It helped to refresh my memory of a lot of things I'd forgotten.

William D - Course Review

The course was well organized and the ability to stop and resume was very helpful.

Ricardo - Very informative

I learned a lot. I have a new respect for driving safety

Thomas - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This exam made me understand the road laws in an easier way.

Amber - Amber

This course was easy and very detailed. It explained everything you would need to know about safe-driving and more.

Jylen - Defensive Driving Course

Very informing and super easy to follow along and complete

Naya - Great Course

This course was super easy and very detailed. It explained everything you would need to know about safe-driving !!!

Rashawn - Rashawn

Very easily done.

James - Defensive Driving Course

Great way to remind yourself how to be prepared for the road and how to become a better defensive driver!

Steven - Awesome

This is good to take for experienced drivers who have become too comfortable

Jonathan - Driving Course

thanks, for let me learn more about the laws of a driver the course its really helpful...

Victoria - Defensive Driving Course

Very informative and helpful!

Owen - decent course

Course was easily completed with time to spare if only you understand the law and review new topics. good course.

Christopher - Thanks

It was a good course honestly fr I learned more than I thought

Mariah - Loved it 😍

Loved this course, very relevant content and easy to follow along without dozing off. A++

Hayes - 6-hour defensive course

Great course, learned a lot

Shae - Good Course


Shaun - Good


Chad - Defensice driving

great class!

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